7/25/17: Neil Stratton discusses NFL storylines

July 25, 2017

Neal McCready visits with Neil Stratton of Inside the League, as they disuss offseason NFL storylines including the Patriots dominance and what to expect from the Dallas Cowboys in year two with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. 


7/4/2017 - Jeffrey Wright of 92.9 FM ESPN

July 5, 2017

Neal welcomes former co-host Jeffrey Wright back to the program to discuss NBA free agency, the future of the NBA, MLB, and more.


6/21/17: NBA insider Jon Hamm

June 21, 2017

Neal McCready and NBA insider and salary cap expert Jon Hamm discuss NBA free agency in lots of detail during this edition of the Oxford Krystal Beer Garden. 


6/16/17: Ryan Brown of WJOX in Birmingham

June 16, 2017

Neal McCready and Ryan Brown of WJOX in Birmingham sit down to discuss Ole Miss' NCAA case, the SEC and a certain Western Division coach that may be more on the hot seat than people think. All that and much more. 


6/8/17: Tony Jones of Salt Lake Tribune

June 8, 2017

Neal McCready sits down with Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune for an NBA-heavy edition of the Oxford Krystal Beer Garden. They discuss the Utah Jazz, the NBA finals, Michael versus Lebron and much more in this informative podcast. 


6/2/17: Steven Godfrey on Ole Miss, SEC football

June 2, 2017

Neal McCready welcomes in SBNation.com college football expert Steven Godfrey. They discuss Ole Miss' impending release of its response to the second NCAA notice of allegations and then talk through scenarios and theories with the Ole Miss job. Also, they discuss the SEC and which coaches and storylines are interesting as the season nears. 


Jeffrey Wright

May 31, 2017

Neal McCready welcomes Jeffrey Wright of 92.9FM ESPN in Memphis to the show to discuss Major League Baseball, the future of the NBA, the NBA Finals, Ole Mis' response to the NOA, and more.


Adam Rubin

May 18, 2017

Neal McCready visits with Adam Rubin, who covered the Mets for ESPN before getting out of the business on a day-to-day basis. They discuss baseball, ESPN's issues because of cord-cutting and how Adam was one of the first casualties of that part of ESPN's subscriber decline. 


Austin Barbour on Trump’s first 100 days

May 12, 2017

Neal McCready visits with political strategist Austin Barbour to discuss Donald Trump's first 100 or so days in office and the news this week of Trump relieving James Comey of his FBI director duties. That and more with a familiar political voice on the podcast network. 


Chris Landry on the NFL Draft

May 4, 2017

Neal McCready visits with NFL expert Chris Landry of LandryFootball.com to discuss all aspects of the 2017 NFL Draft. The first half of the interview focuses on Ole Miss players before branching out into other storylines.